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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Near Island Photo Safari with Nora

This morning while Zoya and Stuey attended 'lil dribblers practice Nora, the dogs and I went on a photo safari to Near Island.  The light was gorgeous.  I have not yet downloaded Nora's pictures (you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see them), but here are the best ones that I took.

While on our walk I checked on an archaeological site.  I like to check on the condition of local archaeological sites - see if they are eroding or if people have been digging into them.  Anyway while checking on this particular site I noticed a really cool prehistoric tool just laying there on the beach.  The tool was a utilized blade (basically a knife) and it was made of red and yellow chert that is only found on the Alaska Peninsula.  'Blade' tools are only found in Kodiak's oldest sites - sites that are about 7000 years old or older.  Wow!  And it is actually the second utilized blade I have seen at the site.

After finding and taking a photo of the artifact I had to explain to Nora why we had to leave it there on the beach.  I explained that it belongs to the landowner, and that if we took it home we would be stealing it.

I have to admit this site has piqued my curiosity.  It looks like it might be a really OLD site and worth checking out with a formal archaeological excavation.


 Dorsal surface of a utilized blade made of red and yellow chert imported from the Alaska Peninsula

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