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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Bringing home the bacon

A view inside the meat shelter where we kept our meat dry

An important aspect of our trip to the South End of Kodiak was to bring back meat.  Ray, in particular, wanted meat for his family in Anchorage.  As it turned out finding animals to harvest was not a problem.  However, keeping the meat we did harvest clean, cool, and dry did require a high degree of diligence.

We brought along an extra tent especially for meat care, and after bringing meat back to camp we would spread it out to dry and cool in the tent.  We rotated out clean game backs and turned the meat frequently.  We also washed used game bags and dried them over the woodstove in the teepee for re use.  Then when we moved camp we put the meat in dry game bags and packed it in sealed, watertight barrels.  I am happy to report that our meat - all 350 pounds of it (unprocessed) - made it back to Kodiak in excellent shape.

While down there we harvested 2 deer and 2 reindeer.  And funnily enough all the animals were about the same size.  Generally reindeer are supposed to be bigger than deer, but we harvested big bucks and average sized female reindeer.  Back in Kodiak we had a difficult time telling the difference between the deer and reindeer quarters.  One of the reindeer quarters even got processed and labelled as 'deer' by mistake.  Patrick

Ray's wide guy

My 4 point

One raider in waders (with reindeer)

Another raider in waders (with another reindeer)

A full pack of meat to carry back to camp

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