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Friday, October 02, 2015

Camping on the go

After camp is set up it is time to saw and chop wood

On our trip to the South End we camped as usual in a teepee and woodstove.  A big part of each campsite was gathering wood for the woodstove.  We found that dead alder with no bark on it, and a particular species of willow that had a reddish color and looked like cedar made the best firewood.  When we broke camp we often took the best pieces of wood along with us to the next camp.  At the last camp we had to set up in the rain and the dry, pre-collected wood was a Godsend.

On the first night when we set up the teepee we could not find a section of the center pole.  The situation had disaster written all over it.  We ended up using a section of the meat tent pole for the first night, and the next day I carved a replacement section out of black birch (look closely at the bottom section in the photos below).  

What's funny is that on the last night when we set up the teepee for the final time we found the missing pole section tucked inside one of the others.  I swear we had looked inside each one the first night during our desperate and intense initial search. How had we missed it?  Patrick

Mike and Ray have been busy - that's a monster pile of wood

Note the short sleeves - ahhhh time by the stove

Frosty camp on a cold morning

Arriving at our pick up point

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