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Saturday, October 03, 2015

As a hunter does your gender matter?

As a hunter does your gender matter - how important to success is your size, strength and the ability to carry enormous packs full of meat? It is an interesting question, and after hunting with a few women in the last few years I think it matters a lot less than people think.  

First of all, I do not think overall strength and body size matter all that much.  Hunting is more of a mind game - endurance, technique, perseverance, backwoods 'savy', and the ability to deal with adversity are far more important attributes to be a successful backcountry hunter.

I'd much rather have a savy hunting partner who while they could only carry 80 pounds tops could deal with bushwhacking and would keep their sleeping bag dry, rather than a huge guy who could carry 160 pounds but would burst out crying in a salmonberry thicket and end up getting hypothermic because he did not know how to take care of his gear.


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Molly Odell said...

I feel like you could have written the same post about field archaeology!