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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Camping on Sheratin Mountain

This Spring, I've been itching to backpack. The mountains have been calling. Yesterday Patrick went skiing on Sheratin in the morning. When he returned,  we did the "tag-you're-it" with the kiddos and I headed up with back pack full of camping gear. I met up with my friends Shanna and Jason. Jason just returned from climbing Denali several weeks ago. During the trip, I enjoyed hearing about his trip~such an amazing adventure. 

Doing my own camping is a very new thing for me. Patrick is an amazing camper which has left me not learning how to get confident with my own camping skills. I packed up tent, sleeping bag, and a pocket rocket to cook dinner with. Patrick sent along freeze dried shepards pie which I was intimated to cook, never having camp cooked before. 

When the time for dinner came, Shanna and Jason were so helpful with any questions I had. From setting up my tent, to cooking dinner and packing up, everything went smoothly! I had a blast. I had so much fun, that I cried upon my return. Patrick and I downloaded the pictures on the computer. Tears rolled down my face. "I had so much fun honey! I did it! All on my own!"


setting up camp

Sheratin camp

my first camp meal all on my own! 

shanna helping shield the flames from the wind

freeze dried shepards pie turned out yummy 

nearing sunset
10:45 PM! I couldn't believe how late it was when I asked Shanna and Jason the time

Loved this view. I sat for 30 minutes and soaked it in. 

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