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Friday, May 29, 2015

Bethany, Nate and Winston

Since starting my weekly kodiak daily mirror column, I haven't been blogging as much. My hope is to get back to a couple times a week like I used to. Its just a matter of time-need more of it. I've recently become terribly hooked on the mini series Grey's Anatomy, so after putting the kids to bed, working on rough draft of my column, then I plug into Greys.

Our neighbors Bethany and Winston are leaving this week.  They have been in our next door rental for  6 months. Bethany is a 3rd year medical student and her husband Winston is a contractor. And they have a precious black lab named BP, which brings our block black lab total to 3. 

We're going to miss their smiles, and I'm going to miss Bethany's hiking enthusiasm. She and I had a routine of Sunday morning hikes up new peaks. We all recently went to Afognak together last week, which is the bulk of the photos below. 


Celebrating Bethany's 28th on Afognak

Nate shaking the silly's out of Stuey

Taking a break on our hike

Nate, Winston, Stuey and Patrick on our hike

the bottom of an overturned tree

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