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Monday, June 01, 2015

Stuey's Obsession

I was looking through our Afognak campfire photos and I noticed that Stuey is near the fire in every single one.  Stuey loves campfires. Nate showed him how to use grass and sticks to start a fire.  And, once lit, Stuey would watch and feed it for hours.

On this trip Nate built a huge hearth out of boulders.  It should last all summer.  We also ate 36 hot dogs  cooked on alder sticks.  This is the best way to cook a hot dog.  Zoya experimented cooking the tortilla's we used for dog wraps on the hot hearth rocks - she even melted baby bel cheese balls on top and made quesadillas.  Patrick

Zoya toasts a tortilla on a hot hearth rock while the guys cook dogs on sticks

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