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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spruce Cape in the Rain

Yesterday afternoon we hiked out Spruce Cape in the rain.  When we left the house it was actually pretty nice, but then a squall moved through and it started to rain.  Still no one seemed to mind, and Stuey and Nora built log forts in the trees out by the beach while I took close up photos of dandelion blossoms.  I did not realize that dandelion flowers have so many pollen stamens as well as petals.  Sheba and Tank ran back and forth and explored the beach.  We hung out in the rain for a half hour or so and I finally had to convince the kids it was time to go home.  It just goes to show that on Kodiak you can't let the weather 'rain on your parade'. Patrick

Two! Noras in one photo

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