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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Quick Trip Up Sheratin Mountain

Last week on Afognak we had a nice view of the backside (north facing slope) of Sheratin Mountain, and I could see that it still has a nice cover of snow.  So yesterday I decided to make a quick trip up there to go skiing.  And it had to be quick - I could not leave the house until 10:30 and I needed to be back by 4 PM.  So once Zoya got back from teaching powerflex I raced out the door.

I went up an old trail I have not used in years and found myself on the summit remarkably quickly.  I thought it would take a lot longer.  But my old trail had been recently brushed out, and it leads directly to the bottom of the snow where I could put on my skiis and skin the rest of the way up.

Once on the summit I had a spectacular view out over the ocean towards where we were last week on Afognak.  But now I was on top of the snow I lusted after all last week, and it was Afognak in the distance.

It was time to go skiing.  And what run I had -  I skiied a mile in 4 minutes - WOW!  The snow was perfectly soft and fast.  It was a quick trip home and I got back home by 3PM.  And Zoya was out the door to go camping - tag I'm it!

I should climb Sheratin more often.


View from near the bottom of my ski run to the summit a mile away - if you look closely you can see my skin track up on the upper left

The reverse view of Afognak - where we were camping on Afognak is slightly to the left in the far middle distance 

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