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Friday, May 29, 2015


For our first 3 days on Afognak it was too windy for kayaking, and I was beginning to wonder why I bothered to bring them.  But the fourth day was mostly sunny (with apocalyptic clouds) and calm - a perfect day for kayaking.

So we all loaded up and kayaked around Graveyard point and headed for the West end of Old Afognak Village.  We beached our kayaks at the big beach where the runway used to be located and walked over to Back Bay on the old road through the trees.  We'd never done this particular hike before and it was cool to see a new part of the island.

When we got back to camp at Lipset Point the kids wanted to kayak some more, and we let them have at it in the cove with an onshore breeze.  With the wind blowing towards the beach it felt pretty safe. The rule was that they could not go outside the anchored whaler and had to stay insight of me watching  from the beach.  I was impressed with their kayaking abilities.

When they go double with us adults in the boats we (the adults) tend to completely control the boat, and the kids don't get to do much.  So it was good to see them flit about in complete control of their own boats.  They even had races from one end of the beach to the other.  Patrick

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