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Friday, April 03, 2015

Test driving new treatment skills

Typically on the last few hours of physical therapy classses, I think to myself, "Awww, man. Wow. Wow. Overwhelmed. How in the world am I going to start using this info all on my own back in Kodiak. I don't even know for sure if these techniques will work. So I'm going to have to promote it without knowing if it works?"

Last weekend in Houston, it happened again like clockwork.  Day two of learning how to treat the hip using Therapeutic Yoga~an approach I've had little exposure to or any experience with. Here I am is yoga postures-supported by a block here, or a strap there. But I  feel surprisingly amazing. I've never enjoyed yoga as much as those two hours in class. My breathing felt relaxed, muscles that have a hard time relaxing were really relaxing. And the best part is that no one is 'doing' anything to me...I'm able to achieve this feeling on my own.

Perhaps, I wonder, I WILL be able to show others what this is like...

Fast forward to first day back in clinic in Kodiak. A female client I"ve been working with for a while with back pain and have felt plateaued. I figured I would give some of the yoga poses a try. She loved them and had all the yoga gear at home (block, strap, mat) to do the poses at home. My confidence grew a tiny bit. Maybe this would work, afterall!

Later in the week, several male clients in similar situations-needing something other than the manual therapy and stabilization exercises that had been the meat and potatoes of their treatment program for weeks or months on end. I  Introduced the new releases I learned and they were excited and seemed to grasp them right away.

Time will tell how it all works for my the meantime I'm keeping on with 10 or 15 minutes a days of yoga and lovin' it.


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