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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some Pictures of April

Fresh powder on the mountain

April is my favorite month on Kodiak.  The days are long and tend to be sunny, and yet it still freezes at night.  And on the mountain it is generally our snowiest month.  I think of it as the 'get your cake and eat it too' month with the best skiing and warm, 'firepit' weather.  This year I was a little worried that the abnormally warm weather would curtail the snow and skiing, but that does not seem to have happened.

Spring has actually slowed down.  The salmonberries were about to blossom on April first, but held off and did not actually blossom until the last few days.  We even got snow on the back lawn a few mornings this week (of course it all melted each day by noon).  And on the mountain we've been getting the most snow of the year.   FINALLY

After a delay the salmonberries are now fully open

Some recent tracks in the north bowl of Pyramid

Pushki sprout - this plant is my summer nemesis because of the skins burns it causes

Close up of a tool that Alutiiq people once used to scrape hides that I saw on the surface of an old village site

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