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Monday, March 30, 2015

Outing in the rain

It's Sunday evening and the sun just broke out of the clouds.  Buildings and trees are glowing in the evening sunshine. Stuey just came inside for dinner after playing some basketball.  It's nice outside.  But that's not the way it has been, and I sort of suspect it's not the way it will be either.  I kind of suspect it is a 'sucker hole'.

We've been cooped up in the house all weekend while it rained and blew outside - lots of Monopoly, minor squabbling, and March Madness basketball.  Finally about mid day Nora had had enough and asked if we could go outside for a walk.  This almost never happens - usually we as parents have to force the issue.

And so we went hiking to Jewel Beach and it POURED.  But everybody was happy and had a good time.  Back home Stuey later asked if we could go back tomorrow.  Patrick

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