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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shooting the bow

When I got my new bow back in March (click here for post) I also got a new bow for Stuey and Nora. Without sights for aiming and a fixed draw length it is more of a traditional bow than the high tech, compound bow I got for hunting sheep.   It is a much better bow for learning purposes.  You have to sort of instinctively learn how to aim and hit the target, and you have to figure out how far to draw the bowstring.  The trick to good shooting is to draw the string back to the same place each time.  I like to touch my nose to the string and touch my ear with the back of my hand.

Anyway, Stuey has gotten pretty good at it.  He started at about 7 yards from the target ands gets to move back if he puts all 5 arrows in the target. He has been hitting the target from 20 yards and almost moved back to 30 (he missed with his last 2 at 20 yards).

I can't wait to take the bow out with us to camp on Afognak.  Patrick

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