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Friday, April 03, 2015

Done with Easter-mania

I'm over Easter. Its become a holiday which I've begun to associate with tummy aches, plastic eggs everywhere and grumpy kiddos.

This past week I told the kids there won't be easter baskets or Easter egg hunts. I gave it my best shot for 9 years and I'm over it.  Every year the day is accompanied by tears and complaints.

"I'm done hiding baskets. I don't like being yelled at. Every year you get upset or someone is mad. You tell me I  make the baskets too hard to find." I explained to Nora and Stuey.

Stuey, with tears coming down his cheeks chokes out, "No, but, but mom…it was because you made it too easy to find last year." See- I knew it. The kids are never happy with how I hide baskets or eggs and I'm done with it.

Do I feel even a twinge remorseful about not partaking in this holiday this year? Not really. I think what makes me more remorseful is to do something special and then have the kids be grumpy or rude about it and then do it again next year. Why do that to myself?

I"m slowly learning to have better boundaries. I can't change how they respond to such events in life, but I can change whether or not I want to have a part in that.

Patrick shares similar sentiments with me…. on the car ride home tonight he explained to the kids how these holidays are all run by the same candy company. "He is SO right" I chuckled to myself. I"m done being suckered into the madness.

If the kids would like to go to Easter service, Patrick said he would be very willing to go with them. I'm glad that he offered. And I'm looking forward to some basketball games on TV tomorrow, outside time with the kids and friends and time to work on a quilting project. With no candy wrappers to pick up around the house.


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