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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Firepit and then SNOW

Requisite April photo of crocuses in the snow - except that this year it was difficult to find crocuses still blooming

On Sunday it was sunny and springlike and then on Monday it snowed.  And today it snowed some more.  I'm loving it!

We're finally getting some snow on the mountains.  Despite the warm non-winter, I'm actually hopeful that our cool spring weather will stick around.  The last 2 winters have both been warm and then both have had long, lingering springs.  I'm hoping that that is what will happen again this year.  It may be the new normal.  Patrick

View of town on my way to work yesterday

South Bowl tracks on Saturday

My tracks in the North Bowl yesterday - and after the snowfall today there should be almost a foot more new stuff

Philip and Adelia climbing out of the North Bowl Sunday afternoon

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