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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Way Too Early

First salmonberry of the year
I took all these pictures yesterday on the third of April.  I believe the earliest I have ever seen a salmonberry blossom is in late April, and last year it was on the 4rth of May (click here for post).  So based on this it appears that this year's spring is a month earlier than I've ever seen it.  And yes it seems I'll be mowing the lawn within a week or so.  This is VERY scary.

It has been a year without winter here on Kodiak.  The lakes never froze and the garden never died.  The kale pictured below is from last year's garden, and I am a little curious about what will happen to it come June - will it immediately bolt or will it grow large leaves as if it was a newly planted kale?

I do know that slugs are already munching on my garlic.  The slugs will be a HUGE issue for gardeners this summer.  I wonder what other garden pests we'll have to start dealing with here on Kodiak if the winters continue to be so mild?


Garlic in the garden

Raspberries leafing out

Kale doing GREAT

Another salmonberry bud


Molly Odell said...

Wow, that is definitely very early for salmonberries and raspberries! I recall as a kid it was rare for salmonberries to be blossoming before school was out. They were rarely ever ripe by my birthday (July 9), and when they were, it was only a few. Last summer there were plenty ripe by the 4th of July!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Salmonberries by Late May this year! Count on it. Normally people plant gardens in May. This year you could do it now. Spring is a MONTH earlier than ever before. This spring has blown the old record out of the water. Patrick