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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

On the Beach with Jake

Sunday morning I looked out the window and saw that the tide was way out.  I thought, 'What a great day for tidepooling'.  And so I took the kids and dogs down to the beach.  I had intended to leave Jake at home because he's not up for long walks anymore.  But Jake really wanted to go, and he looked so sad when I tried to get him back in the house that we just had to take him.  And so we packed him into the car with the other 2 dogs and headed off to the beach.

We ended looking for beach glass instead of tidepooling.  It might be one of Jake's last visits to the beach, and I figured we'd stick close to the car to make it easier for Jake.  Jake seemed to enjoy himself and, at one point, I looked back and saw him cruising the high tide line like the Jake dog of days long ago.  He found a stick he liked, trotted down the beach in a perky fashion and then lay down and commenced chewing on it.  Jake has always liked the beach.  Patrick

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