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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Center Mountain

Mike M.  atop Center Mt. in July 2009 

I"m planning a solo trek to Center Mountain this spring…a 3,300 ft peak here on Kodiak that I've never been to. Once the midnight sun of June arrives, Tank dog and I will head up on our own with an uber warm sleeping bag, a solid tent, some food (and dogfood) and a big sense of excitement.

Since  coming back to Kodiak after college 16 years ago, I've yet to go to Center Mountain.
You can see it from Kodiak city, and it is covered in snow most of the year. Many of my friends have been to it and from the top you can see all around the high peaks of Kodiak.

In preparation, several weekends ago I slept on the lawn in our 10 degree sleeping bag and was warm enough-YAY! Tank slept at my feet and he got an A+ for tent etiquette. He quietly slept at my feet without moving around much.  In the morning, when it was time for him to go to the bathroom, he ducked right out under the outside fly like a good game of dog limbo.

I have almost no fears about the trip. The biggest fear I did have was getting cold at night, but now that I've tested out my sleeping bag, that is no longer a fear. Some people ask "Aren't I afraid of bears? Or other people? Or ghosts?" No.  No fears there.

As the time nears, I'm sure I'll be nervous but that is to be expected. Its the nervousness before a big physical adventure-like before a race.

In the meantime, I dream of when the time will come for me to set off, up the tailhead at Kasheverof. With Tank at my side, off we will go….


July 2009…right after sunset with the lights of town on the left. 

Patrick in 2001 atop Center with town in the distance center! 

Lisa M enjoys the sunset and the view to the west - July 2009

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