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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Hip Class in Houston

Life changing yummy Texas Brisket atop an bed of grilled Avocado. So glad I had some Texas bbq before leaving Houston.   

The sign on the lawn at my B&B. Very fitting for the weekend of learning with great peers. 

Course instructor, Ginger Garner, and myself. She is a gem. 

I"m leaving Houston in an hour. 
On my way to the airport I had some Texas BBQ brisket, something I promised my co-worker that I would get while in Texas. Boy was it worth it! Brisket-piled atop half a grilled avocado...wonderful medley of flavors.

Some Texas cooking' was a perfect way to celebrate completion of a 2 day class learning about the hip joint. The instructor, Ginger Garner, is well versed in the hip and does research, writes articles, blog posts etc on the hip. Occasionally when I work  with clients with low back pain,  they will mention hip pain, popping, feelings of instability and I have not had much to offer them in terms of treatment or approaches to take.  Now i have a better understanding of what causes the symptoms and how to address it. 

I find so much new information daunting. I remind myself it doesn't have to feel that way, and I remind myself that I  always feel this way after taking classes. I always wonder "Will the techniques work?" yes, of course they will! I have to trust they will and gradually introduce them to my practice and see what happens!

Just like you have to go right outside your comfort zone to build muscle when weight training, you have to go outside your comfort zone when learning new things and adding new skills. Its not always fun, or easy, or comfortable, but the long term payoff is worth it. 

Thank you, Ginger Garner, for taking me outside my comfort zone this weekend!


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