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Friday, March 27, 2015


Its early evening and I"m out on the patio along with some spring birds making calls I do not recognize, the sounds of kids playing on a street nearby and occasional barking dog in the distance. Houston has been good to me. The drivers are friendly, people are kind. Food is good. Weather is warm, but not too warm. The trees hanging over the streets are gorgeous.

And   I"m using airbnb  for lodging for the very  first time and loving it.

I have one bedroom in a precious little house in the Rice University District of Houston. This morning at 8 o'clock when I arrived to the house, Sarah and her standad grey poodle, Tilley, welcomed me. Sarah so warmly introduced me to where things are in the kitchen, the various amenities which awaited me in my bedroom. After she left, I crashed for 4 hours, as I had flown all night.

Sarah is a painter. And her dog is a Therapy dog at the local hospital. I don't know much more about them aside from that. Sarahs gorgeous paintings decorate the house. Her work has so much color and depth to them.

Her home has such wonderful energy. I am grateful to be here for 3 days when taking my class.


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