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Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Madness Fun!

March Madness basketball  fever is unusually high at our house this spring!  Between Stuey's growing love of basketball and having Wisonsin make the playoffs, tensions are very high during Wisonsin games. Stuey sits on the edge of the couch in our kitchen and announces fouls, travels, free throws, three pointers, etc. He says things like "oh it won't really matter if Wisconsin doesn't win" although we all know it totally does. 

Stuey awoke the other morning, crawling into my bed, declaring he had a dream about Wisonsin playing North Carolina, and how Wisconsin beat North Carolina by 100 points. I love watching Patrick  watch a Wisonsin game. His pride is so strong that tears of joy well up in his eyes if Wisconsin wins or if the cameras spend an extra amount of time on shots of the Wisonsin coach. (and admittedly, the same is starting to happen to me, too!)

As I wrote this, I was on an airplane headed to Seattle. As I boarded the plane, the Wisconsin game was on the terminal TV and my  favorite player, Frank Kaminsky, had fallen to the ground and Wisconsin was down by 3 or 4 points.  With considerable angst for Franks' wellbeing, I  boarded the plane wondering how the game was going. 

The guy sitting in the window seat of my row  had 3 electronic devices-2 phones and an ipad-all up and running.

 I joked with him, "Wow! I think you need one more electronic device." He explained the reasoning for all the devices, which I don't remember much of, aside from one being a work phone. 

Then I jokingly said, "Hey as long as one of them is playing the Wisconsin game, then its all good!"   People were getting settled and I heard the gal behind me say something about NEEDING Wisonsin to win. It was nice to have a fan nearby who understood my curiosity. Several minutes later, the guy next to me hands me a phone with the game live on it.  I hovered the phone over the crack between the seats and the gal behind me and I watched for about 5 minutes, then the flight attendants announced preparation for departure. So I gave his phone back. Minutes clicked by. The suspense killed us. Even as the flight attendants were preparing the cabin for departure, then the gal behind me pulled the updates up on her phone every 10 seconds for the last 2 minutes of the game. 

And Wisconsin beat North Carolina. We gave each other high fives. 

It was nice to depart Anchorage thinking about Stuey and Patrick and Nora at home, all so excited about the victory!!! I bet there were some tears of joy. 


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