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Friday, March 20, 2015

Day One - Paper Route

Early last week Nora came home from school asking about having a paper route. One of her school mates had a paper route and it piqued her interest. As serendipity would have it, that night in the newspaper I saw that our Cliffside Drive route was needing a carrier.
One phone call later and I had the details:
 -yes, a 9 year old could be a carrier
-21 houses on the route
-the route is streets all around our house
-pay is $50-$60 a month plus tips

After orientation hour at the newspaper, Nora had her plastic news paper bags, big carrier bag and list of houses on our route.

So today, the first day of spring, we had our first day of the route. The clouds parted, sun was out and after stuffing the papers into the bags, Stuey Nora and I set off.

Nora was having a glum, mopey moment as we headed down the road. I wast sure why she was grumpy-was it the heavy newspaper bag she didn't want to sling over her shoulder? Or was it because she doesn't like walking on roadways in public eye. I wasn't sure.  A $20 bill changed her mood-at one of our stops, a customer gave her a $20 tip! She was elated and quickly showed it to Stuey and I. From then on, she was all smiles.

The route took a little over 30 minutes and I think its a perfect spring/summer endeavor for Nora and our family. Nice chance to get outside for a quick walk, see neighbors, and give Nora a chance to earn money.


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