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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Paper Route

Winds and rain rage outside and its the middle of spring break week. The notion of "Spring Break" is false-it isn't a break at all for parents. I"m still doing physical therapy at the base for my standard hours in the mornings as the kids are home with a sitter here at the house. It would feel more like a break if we were all someplace warm and tropical.

Nora starts a paper route on our street on Friday. It all started with her mentioning that a fellow student at school had a paper route and low and behold-that same evening in the paper I noticed that the Cliffside drive route was available. One phone call later for the details-21 houses, approx $60 a month, streets were right around us-Nora was excited! Stuey is bummed and a bit jealous I believe.

We met with the local paper today and Nora learned the ins/outs of what to do in the case of dangerous dogs, how to be a responsible carrier, etc. I see the route being a family route, as I think it will take around 45 minutes to complete and I imagine some days when Nora has outings or playdates she'll want help with it. That said, she'll be doing the bulk of the route. Its a perfect blend of exercise, outside time and work.


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