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Thursday, January 22, 2015

White light

I've found that it is easy to tell if you've got the white balance correct when taking pictures of snow.  Snow is white, and any other color is pretty obvious.  That said the snow can in reality look blue, yellow and warm, or whatever as it reflects the light of the day.  Snow itself is NOT always white.

When I took these the top one was super blue and I had to shift it towards yellow.  It still looks very blue, but I remember that it looked blue too.  In general I have found that I routinely need to shift towards yellow with snow pictures and often a little towards magenta and away from green too.

But it is easy to see when it looks right.  For all three of these it really did look like that - at least as seen on my computer screen. I gather computer monitor screens have color balance issues of their own.  What looks right on one computer might not look the same on another computer.


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