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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Anchorage holidays

The day after Christmas we headed to Anchorage to see friends and family and having a little instate "staycation". The days were full of reading, movies, eating at new restaurants and visiting with friends and family. I enjoyed some yummy Indian food at Yak and Yeti with my mom on the last day. Fun moment!

I took my kids and Julie and Rays kids to the theater production of "A Christmas Carol". What a treat to see new actors, faces, stage, sets, etc. The production had very cool special effects with smoke, lights, cool costumes. Seeing the show was a real highlight of the trip for me. 

R&R in the hotel room! I devoured a Stephen King memoir on writing during the trip. 

Dinner at the Marx Brothers with Julie and Ray

Ice cream store! Nora is a girl after my own heart...she ordered peppermint pattie ice cream!

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