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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Snow and Sun

Not only did we finally get some snow here on Kodiak, but it has stuck around too (at least for a day anyway).  I woke up last night to rain on the roof and feared we'd lost our snow.  But the golf course is far enough inland that it stayed a little cooler there than it did here on the coast. The golf course actually gained some snow.  And now it is supposed to stay cold and sunny for the week.  I got my fingers crossed - Finally on snow!

Also today was a ski milestone of sorts with the kids.  We went to the golf course with 2 other kids, got them all set up, and then Zoya and I got in our workouts while the kids all played unsupervised. Stuey opted to ski the whole time while the others switched back and forth between sleds and skiis.  We stayed at the golf course for almost 2 hours!  Wow -  Skiing with kids is getting better and better!

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