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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vintage Hubby? Not by choice...

If you looked at this photo and thought, "Wow! Patrick's gone vintage with his clothing!" you're not alone. Temporarily gone was his typical ski attire…all because of a breakout of hives.  Last weekend several friends remarked how they were stunned to see Patrick in cotton clothes! ;-)

We're still not sure what he was/is allergic to but for nearly two weeks it has been a struggle. WHat caused the full body itch outbreak- we're unsure. Possibly clothing or my semi recent change to a new "organic" detergent? We're at a loss so a visit to Anchorage allergist may be in order. 

Thankfully, due to an awesome Physicians assistant at KIMA clinic and some strong prescription strength antihistamines, things are feeling on the mend. The only downside to the antihistamines is they had a strong sedative component, so for several days Patrick slept, and slept and slept.

Its good to have Patrick back and more comfortable and happy again.


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