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Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Black Hole

In our house the 'black hole' is where toys go to die.  It is the unreachable space behind the stove, and once something falls down in there it is in there forever.  It is in the 'black hole'.

Zoya and I use the black hole as a threat.  As in, 'if you continue to use that toy in the kitchen it is going in the black hole'.  Very rarely does something actually end up down in there.  I recall a light saber going down there, a couple of paper airplanes, and even a nerf gun, but usually the threat is sufficient to end bad behavior.

In the above photo if you look closely you can see the Rubic's Cube from Christmas down in the black hole.  I actually did not intend it to fall down into the hole and only threw it up there as a sort of 'toy timeout', but it ended up sucked into the black hole.  This is the 'black hole' behind the stove.  There are also 2 holes on either side of the stove where they abut the cabinets.  The latter holes are where most of the toys end up.

Someday we might get a new stove and it'll be funny to see what ended up down in the black hole(s).  Meanwhile I think I am going to get Stuey a new Rubic's Cube.  I felt bad about that one.  The light saber?  Nah that one stays down there.  Patrick

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