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Friday, January 23, 2015

"Who Is Mother Nature?"

Treat a skinned knee. Treat a bee sting. How to dress in layers for inclement weather. Prepare a small snack outdoors. How to pass a knife safely....
Outdoor Skills patch (Level 1) is DONE!

My Brownie troop has been working on their outdoor skills patch for months now. The learning is gradual-and i've  kept it fun. And the skills are one that I know they a will use for the rest of their lives.

To celebrate the completion of the patch, I set up a Treasure hunt in Fort Abercrombie. It led from the well that is near the old "Cry of the wild ram" play site, to the fire pit by the volley ball court, to a spot by the lake, to the WWII museum and finished at the beach. 

The time flew by too fast and my only regret was that the girls didn't have enough unstructured beach play time. Especially since it was a nice day after a long streak of bad weather. 

As we headed back to the parking lot after, one group of girls asked me "Who is Mother Nature?" What a hard question to answer. I did my best and my reply included something about she is the one creates the storms and weather and she is the one ultimately in charge. The girls seemed satisfied (or at least not outwardly disappointed!) with my response and they had their own continued discussion about it as well. 


One of the flags from the treasure hunt

Warm, calm weather for the treasure hunt

Reading the clues together

Hmmm...where could the next one be?

Brownie Troop #118

Last clue at the beach

Outdoor skills patch-DONE!

On a prior week we toured the new high school

hot cocoa time

walking back in the fog

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