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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Birthday Ribs!

Happy Birthday to our dear friend, Gregg! Gregg is a relic in our life. When I first met Patrick 16 years ago, Gregg and Patrick were BFF's. The 3 of us would eat dinner together several days a week.

Since that time, Patrick got married, Gregg got married and we all enjoy hanging out whether it be hiking, hunting, camping, cooking....

 Last night we celebrated Gregg's next trip around the sun with a deer ribs. 


Homemade bread, cherry pie, deer ribs, homefries, roasted corn salad...

Happy Birthday, Gregg!

Stuey LOVES wrestling with John! John holds Stuey down in every possible way (including sitting on him)...and Stuey digs it! 

Rib Mania~Patrick grilled them on the outdoor fire pit b/c our grill bit the dust this winter.  Gregg prepared the ribs and made homemade sauce for them to marinate in. 

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