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Friday, January 16, 2015


Rain and warm - yuck.  For me this has been an awful winter, but for my friend Jeremy who likes to whitewater kayak it has been as good as it gets.

Yesterday I was driving out the road to climb a mountain in the rain when I passed Jeremy on his way back from a quick trip down a small creek in his 'duckie'.  We both stopped our vehicles and backed up with windows down.  I'd actually been thinking about calling him about trying surf kayaking on the big waves in Mill Bay.  And then there he was in the lane going the other way.

He convinced me to race back home and get my gear and go down the creek with him - so I did.  He made the video of our trip that you can see below.

I'm thinking I'll try kayaking for the foreseeable future in the hopes that the weather gods will see me having fun.  Maybe they'll screech and send snow and cold to spoil my fun.  Patrick

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