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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unsettled January Energy

The past month there has been an  unsettled energy in our Cliffside home. As the rain has battered down on the windows outside, we haven't had the typical outlet of winter fun or excitement with which to play in.

Nora lost a friend, Stuey lost an opportunity to be in a play. Patrick has been on the outs recovering from his skin irritation. And to put it mildly-as our blog says on the top tag line-I'm just trying to keep up the pack. Big time.


In December, Nora's classmate and our fellow brownie  scout, Zia left school very suddenly for Anchorage. She went  for medical treatment and Nora didn't have a chance to say good bye to her. Today Zia officially transferred from Anchorage to Georgia and Nora won't be seeing her again any time soon. Nora has been quite glum and teary, especially recently as she realized Zia won't be coming back to Kodiak.

"Mom, can I call Zia? I miss Zia" Nora asked repeatedly in the past month.   While driving in the car the other day, in the back seat Nora started spontaneously crying about Zia's departure. She cried herself to sleep a few nights ago. I give Nora hugs and love.

We have been writing Zia letters and fortunately on Tuesday Nora was finally able to Face time with Zia. Nora was glowing with happiness after her 3 minute conversation.

"I'm the happiest girl on earth, mom!" She exclaimed. That morning, she ran out the car excitedly for school and was just glowing with joy.


And then theres the Tarzan play and Stuey.
Before Christmas, Stuey tried out for the spring community musical, Tarzan. He got a part as a child ape. All Christmas break he was curious and excited about practices starting.

The rehearsal schedule ended being too much for us. On the first week of rehearsals, he was to be at the auditorium from 7-9 pm  on four of the evenings that week and every Saturday from 10-3 for 2 months. I knew it would be too much for our family. And Stuey knew as well.

"I won't be able to get my reading done, mom" Stuey said as we climbed into the car at 8:40 on the first night of rehearsal.

"I know Stuey. Don't worry. I think its too much too. I"m proud of you trying out and doing your hardest tonight. I"ll e-mail the director and let her know it won't work for us." I replied. (or something very similar to that... less clearly articulated)

Stuey was relieved and its a decision we haven't regretted one minute.


The rain and winds continue outside but for some reason I feel we are through the worst of the storm. I"m refocusing and recentering.  Bringing myself back to the things which feed my soul-reading, journaling, started a TV miniseries, training for the Tour of Anchorage, going for more walks....

Patrick went rafting with a friend this evening down a river and came home so excited.
"My plan is to go rafting every day and that will bring the snow back!" Patrick said.

Nora is in a better groove with missing Zia.

And Stuey is, well...being Stuey. :)


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