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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Morning Jet

Strange to admit, but I'm in love with the Alaska Airlines morning Jet.

The power of flight-its a long time fascination of mine. Even though there is physics and hard science behind flying, its hard to believe that planes really can fly. People board with utmost confidence, fasten their seatbelts, hear the safety briefing  and then ta-da! Plane takes off into the air. Even thought I don't suffer from flying anxiety, I can FULLY appreciate how someone could!

Recently my start time (8:30 am) at the Coast Guard Base  means that when I drive by the runway, there is a  high probability that the morning jet is taxing to take off or already mid air. As I approach the airport past Boy Scout Lake,  I think, "Will the jet be there? Or taxi-ing? Or will I have already missed it?"The highway curves by the airport then right behind the runway.

This is a rather ridiculous, simple pleasure I fully realize. I don't deny that. But there is something about the jet parked on the tarmac, with people walking up the stairs and onto the plane. Or the plane pulling out from the gate-with the traffic controller guiding his departure from the ground. Or in the winter when the plane is lit up with lights and its raining or snowy out....
I really could go on and on.

 For some reason, I get excited for those people to be on a journey somewhere.
I get excited for the power of flight.
I get excited for the possibilities of the day.

As I drive by with my music playing in my car, the jet takes off into the sunrise and I speed on towards work. Its a moment that just never gets boring. Everyone is taking off into their day.


(And no- I didn't take that picture above. Several times I thought of taking a picture with my iphone, but then thought it would probably be best to not take pictures while driving. Thank heavens for google images!)

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