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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

Its Thursday night, Nora sleeps at our B &B and I have some packing to do before we check out tomorrow and head back to Alaska. In the morning, Nora will have her final session with Ms. Becka. Nora loves Ms. Becka and its going to be hard to leave.

This week has been wonderful. When Nora leaves Ms. Becka each day at noon, I notice how Nora gives her 3 or 4 hugs and wants to be near her and stand by her. Nora adores her.

Becka knows exactly how to challenge and motivate Nora in unbelievable ways. She pushes Nora's mental capacity and Nora thrives and works harder for her than I've ever seen.  For instance, before Nora is going to do something challenging, Becka says, "Say Bring it on, Ms. Becka!" Then Nora will smile and repeat her. She also does things like have Nora give her killer high 5's and reminds Nora that "Hard is good. Hard is what we want...makes our brain grow".

The progress Becka has made with her this week is astounding. Today I sat in for 1/2 hour of the session and I was in awe with the articulation, precision, timing which has come to the activities.  Things are really "clicking" for Nora inside her brain.

After Nora went to bed, I took out some Alaskan note cards and wrote  Becka a note, as well as the owner of the center,Cindy.
Letters, rather. Letters that I've been writing in my mind for months. The "Thank you for making my child's education forever easier" letter. I have never felt more at a loss for words, as tears rolled down my cheeks. And they wouldn't stop.

I haven't been so appreciative of someones help in the life of my children in a long time. I don't know that she really understands what she has done. The profound-ness of it. And thats why writing the letter was so challenging.

in the end, I was pleased with the words I chose. Hoping it didn't sound cheesy.

Tomorrow Nora will  have her final session, and we'll give Ms. Becka  a little gift and the card. And we'll be back off to Alaska. There is a little bit more work to be done this fall with an auditory component of the program, but it will be at a gradual pace.

Today Ms. Becka told me she was a 2nd grade teacher for a while. On her window ledges she has classy collectibles from her adventures afar. I learned she lived in India for a semester and enjoyed the home cooked Indian Food. She is almost super human to me-this person who has done so many wonderful things around the world and now she is here in this moment-helping my Nora. She has taken Nora and I to new places together-as we can enjoy and see the world with a new sense of being. And of being together.  


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