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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stuey's Safari Pictures

Daddy taking a picture - creating a panoramic actually

Here are Stuey's pictures from our last photo safari to Abercrombie State Park.  Stuey likes to play with his camera controls and currently the camera is set to Portuguese (I think) - So I had a difficult time helping him reset the controls to take pictures on a dark day in the park.  Still his camera seems to have taken some good pictures!

A lot of the time he took pictures of me taking pictures, or took pictures of the same things I was photographing.  But at other times he saw things like hearts or interesting bones etc that he just liked and took their photograph.  He got some good images that I did not see to take myself.

Whenever he got a picture that he liked he would come over and show it to me: 'see daddy, I like this one'.  I'm liking our walks and so are the dogs.  Patrick

I took a similar picture and then Stuey re-interpreted it

On patrol for more pictures

Stuey sees a heart on the ground - he took this one for 'Mommy'

Lake Gertrude and tree silhouettes

Fungus on tree by Stuey - I did not think to take this picture myself

Stuey taking a picture of me taking a picture that I posted above!

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