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Monday, September 09, 2013


About a month ago, I embarked upon a game of basketball with our visiting friend, Thomas. I happened to be outside  shooting a few hoops and he asked, "oh you play basketball, Zoya?" I passed him the ball and as he prepped a shot, I asked, "Thomas, weren't you on the winning state basketball team?" 

The ball left his hand and it was an air ball in front of the hoop. He smiled and replied, "yes, I was!" 

We got a good chuckle out of it and proceeded to play 3 games of HORSE. I found his weak spot on the court (Base line shots) and won all 3 games. I was tickled pink. The muscle memory of shooting hoops hadn't yet retuned from his high school days. 

A week later, we played 2 more games and I lost both. The muscle memory of his 3 point line shots had returned. BIG bummer for me. Nora was the announcer for the last two games and she would add her comments about who wasn't happy, who was winning, etc. 

Now the HORSE challenge is on. When he returns at the end of the month for hunting, a few more re-match games are in the program. I've been practicing. As always, playing basketball brings this internal joy to me. 

Shooting hoops! Staged picture. Minimal defense was played in our game of horse. 

Also during that visit, Bob, Thomas, Patrick and I enjoyed the moon rising over Mill Bay. 

Staying warm by the fire. 

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