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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Photo Safaris with Stuey and the Dogs

Stuey finding a 'new' trail and negotiating the brush

For the past month or so Stuey has been taking photography hikes with me and the doggies.  Stuey has inherited Zoya's old waterproof camera (slightly obsolete), and we both bring our cameras along to see what we can see.  All of our hikes have been just down the road to Fort Abercrombie State Park.  I LOVE that Stuey now likes to go for hikes.

Stuey also likes to explore and is always on the lookout for 'secret trails'.  Often these are game trails that Tank finds for him first.

The cameras have become more important now that we have hiked practically every trail (where dogs are allowed) in the park.  When we take pictures we go slower and stop a lot to look at things.  Last weekend, in this way, we took almost a 2 hour hike!

Anyway, here are some of my photos from these hikes - in a post below I have posted some of Stuey's pictures from the 2 hour hike.  Patrick

Dogs wandering ahead

Stuey pointed out this tree to me - for some reason I did not see the face right away

Devils club - Stuey took a picture of me taking this picture

Close up of our nasturtiums back at home

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