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Monday, September 16, 2013

Deer and Beach

Adelia's deer - only drama was the camera setting

Yesterday morning I went hunting with Philip and Adelia, and Adelia shot a deer.  It may have been a small deer but I was impressed that she only needed one shot and that she cut it up herself. After she had the deer down I left them to butcher the deer while I tried to shoot another.  When I came back Adelia was up to her elbows in blood while Philip was in support mode.  Right on Adelia!

Directly after packing out the deer I met Zoya and the kids at White Sands beach.  What a day - glorious sunshine and it got pretty warm for a mid September day.  Lots of dead salmon were washed up along the high tide line and the smell was pretty pungent.  Some of our friends joined us and the kids played on the beach.  The dogs fetched sticks in the water.  Hard to beat a sunny fall day at the beach.


Fresh bear tracks below the high tide line

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