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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Climbing Old Womens with Stuey

Today Stuey, the dogs, and I did a quick hike up Old Womens Mountain.  It had been a brilliant Sunday morning, but the forecast was for afternoon rain.  And we could see the clouds building behind Bells Flats.  So we had to be quick.

Up on top it was a glorious fall day.  The fireweed has all turned red and we could see a group of ladies and children sky lined in the distance picking berries.  Stuey had wanted to turn back before we got up out of the alders, but once on top there was no stopping him.  The clouds and rain kept on getting closer but we kept on heading down the ridge towards the building storm.

Finally I did persuade him to turn around. And it is a good thing we did turn back early because it started to rain pretty hard halfway back to the car.  Patrick

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