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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Big City

Today Nora and I had a full day of flying to Seattle. 

As we flew over the city, Nora remarked "Gosh it looks so pretty from up here, but its so crowded down there." She wasn't terribly thrilled in the car when we were crawling along I-5 at a crawl and she was hungry, but she hung in there!

Its summer still here in Seattle and its fun to be warm once again!

Arriving at the B & B

We're staying at a B&B, which is a good experience for Nora to have. She saw the dining room table and food set up downstairs and was quite inquisitive about it. She said, "Mom, I think we should go someplace else for breakfast. I don't think we'll want to sit with other people." I replied, "Nora, its really fun! We'll meet new people!" I'm looking forward to the experience with her tomorrow. 

I remember going to B&B's when traveling with my parents in middle school to Europe and it was so fun to see all the little quaint houses and inns!

Nora doing a word search book waiting for the plane. 

In the airport, Nora told a lady who had a India-style wrap over her head, "I really like your thing-y". The lady was gracious, and smiled and said, "Sari...thank you!" The stranger handled it perfectly. I chuckled at Nora's choice of words. 

Bears waiting on the B & B bed...Nora was most impressed with the bathrobe!

Wow. Speechless.  THe gurest book at our B&B. Hundreds of kind, awesome comments...then this. So unclassy. But I admittedly laughed out loud when I read it. People never fail to surprise me!

City parking...argh... Luckily we had a zone 6 pass! Phew!

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