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Monday, September 09, 2013


Yesterday Nora and I had a day of fun in the sun with long time friends, Jennie and Bob, here in Seattle. We met up  at Green Lake Park. The weather was in the 70's and all of our kids played on the swings, merry-go round so well together for hours. 

Jennie and Bob are friends who came to Kodiak for many  years doing archaeology and would stay with us for large chunks of the summer. The bulk of their time in Kodiak was before we had kids and its been 5+ years since I saw Jennie last.   

Yesterday when I saw Jennie from afar on the grass, I got a little choked up inside to see her again. I have so many memories of dinners, times on the deck in the sun, barbecues and such fun conversations full of laughter. She is someone I associate with the golden years of archaeology summers...full of super silly times. She is a friend who came to visit and we would spend hours pondering dating, marriage and then with time,  kids. 

Our kids got along well and it was wild to see Jennie as a mom! This was my first time meeting her kids. 

Last night Nora and I were both so tired from the activities of the past week. Nora fell asleep at 7:30 and we both slept like logs until 6:45 am. I am realizing how much solid rest Nora and I have needed for the past several days-its been busy! I"m thankful for the good sleep, as today Nora starts her week intensive with Ms. Becka at Lehman Learning Solutions. 

Jennie, Nora and myself. 

From Left to right: Jennie, Matt, me, Bob and Charmaine. 

I loved seeing the kids grab eachothers hands when walking across the lawn!

off to pizza! Longtime friends and kiddos!

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