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Friday, September 20, 2013

Teaching Handwriting

This week I started teaching handwriting in Nora's class at St. Mary's.  I"m tickled pink--yes-call me a handwriting nerd. In many classes around the country, handwriting and cursive is no longer a significant part of curriculums as many students start typing earlier.

Handwriting requires hand-eye coodination, fine motor control and focus which is unlike typing on a keyboard. There are so many benefits to the brain as well as fine motor function with spending time on handwriting. I worked in the school system as a physical therapist for my first year out of college and am excited to use the handwriting  knowledge that I learned for Nora's class.

Teaching to Ms.Schmitt's class was so fun! The kids were  kind and thoughtful and worked hard. Plus, they were super receptive to my advice and I handed out grippies for their pencils which they liked. They said, "Ms. Zoya-this helps my hand not get so tired when writing."

Its such a treat to have time like this in Nora's classroom-to get to know her peers and her teacher more. I also liked when the principal walked into room, the students promptly got up from their chairs and said, "Good Morning Mr. Brian". I found it to be a classic, respectful type of move to have the students do.


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