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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Our Little Burritos

At night Stuey and Nora say, "Tuck me in like a burrito" when I put them to bed. This involves tucking blanets tightly around them, pouring imaginary enchilada sauce and saying "yuuummmm". The kids laugh and love it!!

The other night we had a package of deer burger we didn't know what to do, and decided to give a go of making samosas. One google search later led us to a fairly simple recipe which was a two person effort. The dough had to be spread VERY thin (1 cup of flour and water for 24 somosas!) which made filling them challenging. I rolled out the dough, then patrick filled and deep fried them. They were delicious and as I took bites, I could only think of Bruin burgers...from crab festival! So yummy. We want to try making them again in the future, but with a recipe which involves a little more flour.


April sunrise on Mill Bay
Nora and Stuey "quilting". Lately I've been quilting and they have made paper quilts for all the beds.
The Empanada adventure....

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