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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Patrick titled this "Beauty and The Beast"--the crocosus' coming up are the beast, and skiing on Pyramid is the Beauty! Patrick has Nora trained to "pray for snow" so every day, Nora says, "Dad, I'm praying for more snow!". It seems to have worked, as we've had a good amount of snow this past week. None that really sticks to the ground, but the flakes have definitely been falling from the sky.

Today I went down hill skiing for the first time in 2 years. Last winter I didn't go downhill skiing at all and regretted it at the end of the season. This year I want to make up for it and get out on the snow when the conditions are half way decent. Today the conditions were perfect by all measures. Temperatures in the mid 40's, snow was perfect skiing consistency...I went all the way down without falling once. Good for a 1st ski of the season. It felt so great to be up Pyramid mountain with Patrick-such gorgeous scenery from the top.

After skiing we met up with the kids at the parking lot and took them sledding at the old ski chalet area across the road. Nora and Stuey went off a mini ski jump on their sled and caught some serious air. They liked that!


Stuey-ism for the day...
Patrick took the kids biking down the road. I was here at the house finishing up dishes. Stuey came into the house by himself. I asked him where daddy and Nora were. As he tried to catch his breath he replied, "I raced them. My breath was out of gas."

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