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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs & Dance

This weekend has been a full one--dance practice on "the Big Stage" for Cinderella, as well as dyeing easter eggs yesterday. Katie brought Sawyer and Natalie over the Easter egg dyeing which wasn't too much of a disaster. Admittedly, I have shyed away from easter egg dyeing in prior years because of Stuey's then-young age. Just wasn't quite up to the egg dye mess and potential for kitchen clean-up disasters. This year the group was the perfect age for egg dyeing!

Stage Rehearsals for their dance class production of Cinderella started yesterday on the Community Auditorium stage. The moment Stuey has been waiting for...rehearsing on the "Big Stage". All winter if he resisted going to dance class, I reminded him that he would be able to dance on the big stage. Nora will be a mouse in the performance and Stuey will be a bumble bee. Can't wait to see him in the bee costume and Nora as a mouse!


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