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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skiing with Mike

We've had visitors since Friday and it has been VERY busy of late. Hence the lack of posts. On friday is was the ITN film festival, and on Saturday the Marine Science Symposium began. Our visitors Mike and Catherine are archaeologists who came to give papers at the symposium. Throw in the Madsen Bear dedication and that the museum had its accreditation visit on Monday and Tuesday and it has indeed been very busy. I've barely had a chance to come up for air!

More to come on all the happenings, but first I thought I'd go back to Mike and I's ski on Pyramid last Friday. Mike was feeling a little poorly due to a bug he brought with him from his North Carolina nephews. But he hung in there and got to the top. Quite a spectacular day. Perfectly corned up snow. However, it got a little soft near the bottom of the mountain. When Mike and I had arrived at the base of the mountain it was cloudy and snowing - so the sun on top surprised and fried us (no suntan lotion). Then when we got to the bottom the clouds rolled back in and it started to snow again. April weather! Patrick


jenny said...

We're having the same kind of crappy/beautiful April weather. It was gorgeous all day yesterday and then suddenly the worst downpour I've ever seen in Juneau (and that is bad). And now poof, sun again. How did your accreditation visit go? Bet you're glad that's over!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

You bet we're glad the accreditation visit is over! And the Museum is as clean as I have seen it. I think the visit went well too - I've got my fingers crossed. Patrick