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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fishing for Ritz....Kodiak BBQ season begins

In our kitchen we have a space called, "The Big Hole" which is a gap between the backs of the cabinets. If items are accidentally dropped into there, they are never really retrieved, as it goes all the way down to the floor. This past week Patrick put an economy size box of ritz on the top of the cabinet and it fell in The Big Hole. He was concerned about mice finding them and having a feast, so it was time to do some fishing for Ritz. He put his headlamp on, got out his halibut rod with treble hook on it and went fishing. 20 minutes and some sweat beads-on-his-forehead-later, he retrieved an old book and box of ritz. It was definitely fun to watch!! (I cannot tell a lie--I didn't think hooking a ritz box with his halibut rod could be done!)

BBQ season here in Kodiak has begun. This past week we've had two barbeques of veggies and meats. Granted, the temperature hasn't yet hit 50, but even with the readings in the mid 40's we're ready to go. Just add sun and we're gearing up for a BBQ!

Our fire pit from last summer remains a big hit with the kids as well as Patrick and I--its fun to sit around and watch the water, stay warm by and cook dinner on. The kids, (particularly Stuey) LOVE the fire. Stuey likes finding all the pine cones he can lay his hands on and throwing them into the fire pit. Photo is of them cooking their marshmellows on sticks.

It has felt so good to be home, working on quilting projects, reading, etc without any travel in the near future! Work has been very busy--new physical therapy evaluation slots are a 2-3 week wait. I feel badly about this, that people have to wait, but people understand I'm a one person clinic with no other therapist. And I only see PT clients for 12-15 hours a week, which really limits the numbers of new clients I can take.

Last photo is of our truck that is for sale. 2003 Chevy S10 pickup for $4500 or best offer. I've had it on Craigs list for a week with almost no bites.

The good:
Handles Kodiak roads well.
1 owner.
4 wheel drive.
3 doors, 3 seats.
Has a new tire.

The bad:
history of alternator/starter problems. Both have been replaced, however.

The ugly:
Fender bender on the side. You can see it in the photo.

Contact us for more details. Or if you have a truck in the $4000 range you want to sell or trade! :) I'm ***excited*** to send the Chevy off to a new owner!


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Your kids are having such a fun childhood!