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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Cruising the Crust

Here on Kodiak the snow has been pretty good lately, and looking back at the blog I see that I have made a lot of skiing posts in the last week or so. But the skiing is so good that I just can't resist another.

What's been amazing is that while it has been sunny and warm with daytime highs of near 50 degrees it has also been getting down into the 20s and freezing hard every night. This has kept the snow solid and crust cruising at its best. Usually when it gets so warm and sunny during the day the snow pack does not freeze back up at night and you get a bottomless pit of iso-thermic corn snow. That has not been happening. Everyday it has been about an inch of thawed corn snow on top of a solid snow pack. Just perfect for cruising around on my skate skiis.

This afternoon when I went skate skiing I climbed up into the hills for the first 20 minutes, and then for the next 50 minutes I contoured all around and slowly lost elevation until I was back at the car. It was so gradual of a descent that I never had to snowplow or do any 'hockey stops' to bleed speed. I just ripped up and down and around, and the gradual descent kept it pretty effortless. Patrick

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