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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Vitamin D fix is In

Sun and snow - a dangerous combination. After 2 days of skiing my face is a beet red color. Perhaps I should start using sunblock? But hey, at least I got in my vitamin D fix. Actually, I generally do not like sunblock because when I sweat big time climbing the mountains the sunblock inevitably runs into my eyes and burns my vision.

Anyhow, today the beet red face was worth it. I opted to go skate skiing and for the first 25 minutes I steadily climbed 800 feet vertical. There were a couple of plateaus in there where I could crust cruise around on the level and recover but no mincing words - it was a grind. Then, all at once, I was on top and it was glorious. I spent the next hour contouring around the hills and slowing losing elevation until I was back at my car. One of the best crust cruises I have ever experienced. Just flying here and there effortlessly like I was on ice skates and slowly but surely losing elevation. Hard to beat.

Photos: Top - a spruce covered plateau half way down on my way home. Middle - a big bowl up near the top of my ski. Bottom - Zoya on her way up yesterday with downhill gear. Patrick

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